Cleveland Lobs Awkward Retorts at Channing Crowder After He Makes Bizarre 'Anus' Remark

It's tough not to let loose a galactic yawwwwn when some idiot says something negative about Cleveland. It's even more tiresome when our fine local press decides to analyze the bullshit and shove it down the gullets of every impassioned online commenter in the city.

Before we all drop out for the long holiday weekend, let's take a quick moment to review how intensely Clevelanders allow themselves to be OUTRAGED! over something like Miami radio host Channing "Not Tatum" Crowder's remarks that Cleveland is the anus of America, or something. The retorts offered up by Cleveland defenders are really bleak. (Read the full deets of the story at WFNY.)

Here are a handful of unattributed comments about the story, culled from the dregs of various local news outlets:

This is coming from a guy who lives in a state shaped like a johnson.

I prefer "steaming anus" but we'll take whatever recognition we can get!

Channing Crowder is my favorite soup!

I would rather stare at my azz in the mirror then look at Crowder.


Better to be the anus than what comes out of it, which coincidentally is shaped much like Florida.

It takes an anus to know an anus.......and Channing is the expert.

And, finally, the one guy who nailed it:

cleveland's lack of self esteem is on full display this morning.

Now go have a fine weekend and forget any of this ever happened.