A Former Porn Star Who Lives in Ohio Tweeted an Ohio GOP's Chief of Staff's Dick Pic and Now He's Resigned

Steve Stivers is gonna need a new chief of staff.
  • Steve Stivers is gonna need a new chief of staff.

Adam Kuhn is not having a good day. Adam Kuhn, it appears, is the victim of some intense revenge porn after a romance gone wrong.

Kuhn was the chief of staff for Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers up until today. This after a week when Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh, a former porn star with 200 titles to her credit with the stage name of Ruby, tweeted out a pic of Kuhn's penis to Stiver's Twitter account. The image, naturally, has since been deleted, but the culmination of the dick pic was Kuhn, who is single, resigning from his post. Allbaugh, who is married with children, took the revenge porn route, she told Politico, after he broke off their relationship.

According to Allbaugh, she was upset that Kuhn had ended the relationship. It is unclear when that occurred or when the photos of Kuhn were taken, although Allbaugh blamed Kuhn for their break-up.

Allbaugh later deleted the photo after Kuhn obtained a cease-and-desist order against her, Allbaugh said. Allbaugh was upset with Kuhn and was, in her own words, out for “revenge.”

“I hate you, AJK, you selfish pompous a—hole,” Allbaugh tweeted on June 21. Kuhn’s full name is Adam Joshua Kuhn.

Allbaugh added: “Now we’re even.”

Ruby said she loved both Kuhn and her husband. Scene says please refrain from sending pictures of your penis to anyone. Also, there's no way he should have had to resign. Just sayin'.