Band of the Week: Cities & Coasts

Meet the Band: Nathan Hedges (vocals, guitarist), Michael Gould (drums), Jimmy Weaver (bass, vocals), Sam Getz (guitar, vocals), Anthony Zaro (vocals, percussion)

making the scene: In 2007, Hedges was signed to a small Virginia label and released a solo album. He met Welshly Arms' Michael Gould when he needed to put a backing band together, and Gould helped recruit Jimmy Weaver. Earlier this year, they decided to start recording as Cities & Coasts. "I'm a singer-songwriter and I have friends who play all over the place," says Hedges, adding that he hopes the band will have a "revolving cast of great guest musicians" including Stephanie Trivson of the indie rock outfit These Knees. "There are so many good bands in this town. People don't embrace it as much as they should. There are great players in this town, and it's unfortunate that everyone isn't sharing the love. This project is about creating music that celebrates growing up on the shores of the Great Lakes and embracing the music, artists and the city that we love."

On the forthcoming debut: Hedges says the band's debut release will be out by summer's end. "Everything is done," he says of the disc. "But since Welshly Arms is playing a lot and I do a ton of acoustic shows, it's hard to find the time to finish it."

Why You Should Hear them:

"What I Want" is a retro-sounding pop tune that features jangly guitars and harmony vocals. "I write so much," says Hedges. "I find myself in projects that have this or that vibe. I have to cater to what the people in the band want to do. I grew up listening to the Beatles and Beach Boys and '60s pop and rock stuff. When I sit down and write, this is the most natural, easy thing that comes out. I think I've suppressed it because I wasn't in a band that could do Beach Boys vocals or Beatles harmonies. I was like, 'Fuck it. I want to put out the record I want to put out with the players I want.' It turned into this cool thing."

Where You Can Hear them:

Where You Can See them: Cities & Coasts performs with Midnight Passenger and Sam Goodwill at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 27, at Mahall's.