Golden Streets of Paradise Delivers Promising Debut, ‘The Sun is Everything’

Golden Streets of Paradise

The Sun is Everything (self-released)

This local duo featuring singer-guitarist Myk Porter and drummer/programmer Adam Boose only formed last year but this, its debut EP, shows great promise. That’s not a surprise given that the duo’s previous endeavors include well-received local acts such as Brandtson, Furnace St., and Swarm of Bats. Album opener “Inside My Head” sounds a bit like Filter with its blend of guitars and buzzing synthesizers. The same goes for “Burner” and “End of the World,” the latter of which is a melodic song that features a great guitar riff that sounds like it was lifted from Bowie’s “Scary Monsters.” Recorded at Business District Recording in New York with producer Hunter Davidsohn (Underground River), this EP has a sonic density to it that recalls the band’s influences, namely Killing Joke, Ride and New Order.

Golden Streets of Paradise performs at 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 28 at the 5 O’Clock in Lakewood.