The Ray Benich Band to Play Farewell Show at Beachland


Formerly of the Cleveland classic rock act Damnation of Adam Blessing, the group that released four albums on United Artist Records and still gets airplay on WNCX, self-described “old fart” Ray Benich has signed on for one final show. He’s recruited the Rick Ray Band’s Rick Ray and Krypton Monkeys' drummer Jim Dudash to join him to play what he calls “boomers last stand" on Saturday, July 12, at the Beachland Tavern. “The Ray Benich Band will be free form jamming with lots of bass, drums and guitar solos galore just like back in the day,” Benich writes in an email, promising “all original material” like "Voices on the Commons", a song about recent reports that students have heard voices on the spot where the Kent State shootings happened in 1970. You can see the band jamming here: