'Pixel Painter' Hal Lasko Dies at 98

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It is with a heavy heart that we relay the news from the Lasko family: Renowned and beloved "pixel painter" Hal Lasko died July 6.

From a family member's Instagram account:

Hal was surrounded by his family as he left this world after dealing with complications of a stroke that happened just a few days ago. Up until the last few hours - The "Pixel Painter" was still talking about painting and his projects. We know he is already busy planning his next work of art - a man who found beauty in the smallest objects - we can only imagine the divine landscapes he will now see and experience.

Lasko earned his moniker through his unrivaled skill with MS Paint, the default image-creation software that comes with Microsoft computers.

An eight-minute documentary chronicles Lasko's interest with the program and his subsequent creations.

"I was used to sitting in my studio doing painting and there was no chance to show anyone. This was a chance to get a public reaction, but that wasn't my primary concern. I would paint by myself anyway," Lasko says of the film.