Cleveland Will Host Republican National Convention in 2016

Cleveland will host the Republican National Convention in 2016.

The press secretary of the Republican Governors Association, among plenty of other sources - like Mark Zinni! - confirmed the news. We're still briefly awaiting the official announcement from the committee.

The RNC grab is, of course, huge news: a boost to the local economy, use of the new Hilton hotel (hey, you're paying for it!), a firm national spotlight on our lovely town and plenty of opportunities for that prized Reince Priebus autograph you've been wanting.

And Tuesday's barrage of local conjecture ain't over yet: The local media circles are still buzzing away over LeBron James' future. With the right ears (and the right frequency on your car radio), you can still hear that old Cleveland adage, "It's not that he left, it was how he did it." Ho hum.