New Video Spotlights Detroit Avenue Bike Lanes

  • GC Creative screenshot
Remember last summer when guerrilla stripers used duct tape and spray chalk to demarcate bike lanes along a small portion of Detroit Avenue? That was really great.

“Honestly, it was more of a statement than anything," one of the bandits told Scene back then. "And Detroit was really kind of in-your-face. But when I was riding it the next day, it was like, this really gives you the feeling of being welcome.”

Well, of course, the active population among us is sure to feel plenty welcome these days, as Detroit Avenue actually has real bike lanes now. The lanes were "installed" in late 2013, and we only mention them today because this fine video from GC Creative just hit the Internet.

"This is a great day for Cleveland," Marc Lefkowitz, web editor of Green City Blue Lake, says. (GCBL teamed up with Bike Cleveland and GC Creative to create the video.) "The Detroit Avenue bike lanes are really a down payment on the city's commitment to put in 80 miles of bike lanes by 2017."

Here's Lefkowitz's great take on the Cleveland Bikeway Plan, by the way.