State Sen. Eric Kearney of Cincinnati Wants the Cleveland Indians to Change Their Name

After years of debate, the result of which really should be a clear thumbs-down on the Cleveland Indians' repulsive monicker, State Sen. Eric Kearney (Cincinnati) has stepped in, submitted a resolution to the General Assembly, and, in the words of one local pundit, finally "put this thing to bed."

Indeed, the one-time running mate of perennial also-ran gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald has dropped a little resolution into the Statehouse waters urging his co-legislators to adopt a NO stance against Chief Wahoo and the Cleveland Indians team name. Here's the nut:

"A team named the Indians, or one that carries a mascot of a stereotypical Native American caricature, such as Chief Wahoo, is an affront to Native Americans...and [a]n evolving sense of decency and respect demand that the Cleveland Indians change their nickname and mascot..."

Too true. And thankfully Kearney has shown this issue the light it deserves.