Gaslight Anthem’s ‘Get Hurt’ is a Letdown

Album Review

Gaslight Anthem

Get Hurt


Get Hurt is the sound of Gaslight Anthem running out of ideas. The band's had a good run and became critics' darlings as it delivered albums such as 2008's The '59 Sound and 2010's American Slang. This outing, which is produced by Brit Mike Crossey (Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg), expands the band's sound but is an unfocused mish-mash of different styles. With its husky vocals and heavy guitars, "Stay Vicious" mixes the band's Springsteen impulses with its punk rock tendencies while "Helter Skeleton" sounds like a grittier Wilco. The title track comes off like a bad '80s song as singer-guitarist Brian Fallon sings in a quivering voice about "coming to get her," ostensibly a reference to his recent divorce that's said to inspire the songs here. "Rollin' and Tumblin'" is the one track here that retains the band's fierceness. With its chanted vocals, "Red Violins" also soars. But wispy songs like "Selected Poems" and "Break Your Heart" just don't resonate.