Seven Clever Ways to Pay for College

Thinking of going to college, but not sure how you’re going to pay that hefty tuition bill? Well, to help you out we have compiled a list of some surefire ways to pay for school. It may get ugly; debt is a vicious monster. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Donate plasma

Donors can be paid up to $60 per donation and can donate two times a week. Eligible candidates are 18 years or older, weigh at least 110 pounds and are in general good health. In order to donate, you must present a document with your social security number on it and provide a valid ID (driver’s license, student or military) at one of San Antonio’s 12 donation locations.

Donate sperm

Donors must be between the ages of 18 and 34, be at least 5 feet, 11 inches tall and maintain a healthy weight. Medical history will be screened and donors will be tested for various infectious diseases. The pay will depend on the donor and the facility; most pay around $50 per sample. Eligible donors may also have the option of a long-term contract that can pay up to a few hundred dollars a week for six months of weekly donations. Go to to find local sperm banks.

Rob the couch

Why not make some quick money by turning money that you already have into cash? Coinstar machines take pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that you drop in and turn into cash. There’s a 10.9 percent service fee that is deducted from your total, but it’s a small price to pay once your funds are added up. There are Coinstars everywhere, most likely at the grocery store where you’re buying your ramen.

Sell items

A pawnshop is one of the quickest ways to sell your unused items of significant value because you simply walk in, present your item to sell or pawn and get cash if it’s accepted. Craigslist is also a quick way because your items are listed for locals to see, and if someone in your area wants to purchase it you meet up with them at a safe (and public) location, and make the sale for cash.

Medical or Behavioral Research Studies

Research studies are conducted on topics ranging from social drinking to depression. Students can volunteer to participate in the studies they are eligible for by contacting the research facility, learning about the potential risks and side effects, and signing up.

Dirty laundry

We’ve heard of a panty fetish before but our eyes have now been pried open to the world of Internet panty-selling. There are many websites —,, and among them — dedicated to helping you sell your used undies for a significant price. Many pairs sell for $40 or more. The bottom-rung of undergarment trading must be Craigslist, where we found numerous ads for ladies selling their panties at a bargain — only $.

I want candy

The market demand for sugar babies — young females or males who are financially pampered by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for “companionship” — has reached college campuses all over the country, and Ohio universities have seen a boon in recent years, especially Kent State. Try