Elyria's Pink Cookies Won't Go Gentle Into That Good Night

The Chronicle-Telegram has been all over this developing story: The legendary pink cookies of Elyria's school cafeterias, cookies which last week were discontinued due to felderal health regulations, are now seeing a boom in regional (and even national) demand. 

Lisa Roberson at the CT reported that requests have been flooding the district from as far away as Hawaii and Canada from people who want to re-experience the goodness of the specialty sour cream sugar cookie, or who want to try it for the first time. 

Sodexho Food Services is even considering altering the size of the cookie or the amount of frosting to reduce the caloric content and satisfy the requisite health standards. 

Food services director Scott Teaman had said that changing the pink cookie's menu was out of the question, but he seems more amenable to a slightly smaller size.... Still, the cookie's integrity remains a priority.  

The legendary pink cookies cost $8 per dozen, via the school district, but administrators have yet to determine whether or not they'll take non-local orders.