Steve's Diner in Brooklyn to Close on March 4

The hot dog diner is an offshoot of the dearly departed Steve's Lunch

click to enlarge The end is nigh for Steve's Diner in Brooklyn. - Steve's Diner Facebook
Steve's Diner Facebook
The end is nigh for Steve's Diner in Brooklyn.
Next month will mark the ninth anniversary of the demise of Steve’s Lunch, the (in)famous hot dog diner on the western edge of Ohio City. That local landmark burst into flames on St. Patrick’s Day 2015, with the building being razed the following day.

Now, in a fate that seems unfair, owner Ed Salzgerber has announced that he will be closing Steve's Diner, which opened in 2010. The restaurant was an offshoot of Steve's Lunch, the restaurant he purchased from founder Steve Spanakis in 2002.

The hot dog diner will close on March 4 because its owner could not secure a lease extension, he explains.

"It is with a heavy heart we make the announcement that we never hoped to make," offers management. "This is not a choice we want to make, but we are unable to renew our lease for the space we are currently in. We want to thank all of our wonderful guests and employees for supporting us over these many years."

With the impending closure, Cleveland will also lose one of the precious few remaining 24-hour restaurants around town.

Fans of the original chili recipe that dates back to 1953 can still enjoy it at Steve's Doghouse (3850 Pearl Rd., 216-398-1446).

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