Richmond Heights Boots Mayor Miesha Headen in Recall Election

Welp. That's that. After a turbulent 10 months in the Richmond Heights' mayor's chair, Mayor Miesha Headen has been booted out of office by residents in a 1,573 to 1,163 recall vote.

Council President David Roche will assume Headen's seat and has 45 days to appoint a new council member. 

The News-Herald's Andrew Cass reported that Headen learned the news at a council meeting Tuesday evening. 

"Headen left the city council meeting without talking to reporters," reported Cass, "but handed her key to Police Chief Gene Rowe before exiting City Hall."

Headen told Scene in an interview last week, "unequivocally," that should Roche win, the entire recall process would have resembled a coup in a banana republic. 

Opponents have told a different story, arguing that Headen did this to herself, that whether or not she supported (and represented) change, her unwillingness to cooperate and aggressive leadership style led to so much bad press that residents were compelled to take action.