Great Lakes Brewing Co. Will Tap Christmas Ale on Oct. 21

We're all pretty used to it by now, but that doesn't erode the genuine zeal the city encounters when Great Lakes Brewing Co. announces the release date for Christmas Ale.

The beer's cult following is itself a phenomenon. The backlash against the beer's cult following has in recent years become another phenomenon. You are now in some circles more of a bonafide Clevelander if you publicly announce how Christmas Ale was really terrific like four years ago, but you just don't get they hype anymore.

Regardless, the Oct. 21 first tapping at the brewery will be a hoot. Listen, while everybody and their brother are sitting around analyzing the flavor profiles of pumpkin ales, you know deep down that the best seasonals haven't even showed up yet. Can't you just imagine yourself slamming a Christmas Ale while gutturally screaming through a Hoyer-led drive to a touchdown? Of course you can. It's gonna be a great winter.