Verge Campus Fall Tour Brings Chance the Rapper to Kent State on Thursday

Brett Segall, co-founder and CEO of Verge Campus and EMUZE, started EMUZE with his business partner Maxwell Zotz when the two were still college students. They booked a tour last year that featured rapper Kendrick Lamar, DJ Steve Aoki and the indie rock act Bad Rabbits. It was such a success that they’ve booked another tour this fall. The line-up this time around features Chance the Rapper, Young & Sick and Sweater Beats. The concert takes place at 7 p.m. on Thursday at the MACC Center. Tickets are $20 for students, $30 for non-students. For Segall, putting together tours featuring up-and-coming musical acts is just an extensive of what he did while he was in college. 

“I spent my summers in Los Angeles working for one of the major talent agencies,” he says when asked about how he first got interested in music and entertainment. “I’ve always had an interest in entertainment and all its different facets. My business partner Max [Zotz] managed up-and-coming acts and started spring events at Brandeis where we went to school. We wanted to enhance the experience of a concert.”

They initially launched their emusic platform with a tour and have expanded it into a social media entertainment online publication. And they’ve kept putting together tours. The Verge Campus Fall Tour 2014 promises to “engage students with exclusive opportunities from leading brands during the day while curating a multi-genre music festival at night, creating a full-day campus-to-campus takeover.”

“During the day, we have an interactive festival where attendees can get swag and enter contests to meet the artists,” says Segall. “Students can also find out about internship opportunities. It flows into the night performance.”

The Village will also feature fashion brands, games, live musical performances, and presentations. Karmaloop, a top e-commerce retailer in urban street wear, will be on hand along with the creators of MTV's The Buried Life. In addition to picking up some swag, students might even line up a summer job.

“There are always going to be new form of opportunities,” says Segall. “We started our company in our senior year of college and just built it ourselves. We had the chance to learn different skill sets. It’s a very competitive landscape but for students who want to start their careers and take risks while in school and try to put themselves in positions where they can set themselves up for success that can help. That’s important for students to do.”