Mabel's BBQ at Eton Chagrin in Woodmere Has Permanently Closed

The east-side BBQ joint had been "temporarily closed" since Thanksgiving.

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Mabel’s BBQ at Eton will not reopen.

Mabel's BBQ (28699 Chagrin Blvd.) at Eton Chagrin Boulevard has been "temporarily closed" since Thanksgiving. Today, owner Doug Petkovic is officially changing that status to permanently closed.

Initially, Petkovic assumed that the closure would be a shortly lived one, a period of time when he could dedicate all of his attention, effort and staff to the opening of Heritage Steak and Whiskey (read Scene's recent review here) in the same shopping plaza. But in the end, that's not how it worked out.

"I closed it with the intention of reopening it or doing something else, but with the success of Heritage Steak and Whiskey, I decided to focus on that and on Mabel's downtown," he explains.

In the coming weeks, Heritage will be unveiling happy hour service and well as some Sunday supper options.

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