Kasich Wins Governor Seat, FitzGerald Wins National Acclaim for Worst Campaign in America

In a landslide victory with a 30-point margin where Ed FitzGerald also lost his home county of Cuyahoga, a traditional Democratic stronghold, John Kasich won another term as Governor of Ohio and will likely soon set his sights on a possible presidential run for the GOP.

Meanwhile, Ed FitzGerald, who will hand over the keys to the Cuyahoga County Executive position to Armond Budish at the end of the year, got national run of another sort. Namely, as the whipping boy for the Democratic party and a frontrunner, according to national political media, as having run the worst campaign of the year across the country.

A small sampling for your edification:

The GOP sweep of the major statewide offices also claimed another victim: Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern, who lost his own congressional seat to a guy who's under investigation for burglary, announced he was stepping down. Redfern's awkward press conference last night before that announcement can be found here, where he mainly blames the media.