Details Revealed from T.J. Lane's Prison Break

New reports reveal that T.J. Lane and two other prisoners at the Allen Oakwood Correctional Facility in Lima, OH, assembled a makeshift ladder from old cabinets to facilitate their escape in September. 

After breaking into a locked crawl space — which has since been upgraded with heavier-duty locks — Lane and his co-conspirators built a 13-and-a-half foot ladder and used it to climb to the roof of the adjacent administration building. From there, they leaped 15 feet to the ground and escaped through a soybean field. All three men were apprehended within 9 hours.

Lane, notably, was found wielding a pitchfork. (As if the boy/devil equivalence needed a more explicit symbol). 

Lane has since been moved to the maximum-security Ohio State Penitentiary, in Youngstown, and the Warden at Allen Oakwood has been demoted. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction also reported that they fixed a broken camera that was inoperable after having been struck by lightning, and faulty perimeter lighting, which aided Lane's escape.

Lane will not face criminal prosecution for his September escape. Everyone has basically wised up to the fact that this kid is a nightmare in the courtroom — his own lawyer called his behavior "heinous" — and doesn't deserve another chance to make some lewd display.