Disgraced Former CWRU Law School Dean Lawrence Mitchell Narrates His Weird Love Poem

The last time we checked in with Lawrence Mitchell, it was in this expansive look into sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuits against the former Case Western Reserve University law school dean and the school. Mitchell, as we detailed, had resigned amidst allegations of propositioning students for threesomes and taking nasty actions against a law school professor who dared report his behavior to the school.

What's Mitchell up to these days?

Well, he's single, and in the introduction to a bizarre video of himself reciting a love poem he wrote, called "Perfect Love," about a beautiful woman he saw in New York, Mitchell says, "Those of you who, like me, are single, probably appreciate the ambivalence of that status." Of course, as Above the Law points out, Mitchell seems to view all relationship statuses with ambivalence, but that's not the point. The point is the poem. Do enjoy.