Ohioans drink a lot of booze

Ohioans drink a lot of booze
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At least that's the conclusion of the folks at Thrillist, who recently ranked America's booziest states from 50 to one by comparing 10 distinct criterion — from per-capita craft breweries to last-call hours.

How did Ohio fair, you ask?

23. Ohio
Standout stat: .9 craft breweries per 100,000 residents
"OH!? IO!" is something screamed incessantly by Buckeye Staters who've been drinking heavily. There was no way to work this into our statistical analysis, so we're just telling you now.
Of course, the OSU mantra is often hollered out when we're completely sober, too, but that's besides the point, which is we drink. Quite a bit.

Cheers, Ohio.