Watch Fox 8's "Lil' John" Rinaldi Confront Cinci's Coach


Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis flippantly called new Browns starting quarterback Johnny Manziel a "midget" in a radio interview a few days back, and Fox 8 responded in a fantastic way today at the coach's press conference, a few days ahead of the all-Ohio matchup in Cleveland.

Lewis has since apologized for calling the 5'11 Manziel a midget, but the station sent John Rinaldi, himself a little person, to ask him a few questions. Rinaldi calls Lewis out without explicitly calling him out, instead highlighting the silliness of his comment that Manziel's height — instead of his other attributes — is what sets him apart from Hoyer.

Here's what Rinaldi asks:

"John Rinaldi from Fox 8 in Cleveland, Ohio. Coach, based on the height difference of Hoyer and Manziel, how has your defensive approach changed for Sunday's game?"

Lewis gives a regular coach-speak answer as if Rinaldi wasn't obviously referencing his "midget" comment. Rinaldi prods further:

"Hey coach, Hoyer likes to stand tall and throw from the pocket and Manziel tends to move around, what challenges does that present to your defense?"

Watch the video below and click over to the Fox 8 website for their story.

Here's what Lewis had said on Monday; the comment that started it all: