Reports: Two 19 Action News Reporters Head to Competitor News Outlets

With the revving of 2015's engine comes Ohio Media Watch's year-opening blog post — one that foretells all sorts of fun stuff throughout the Northeast Ohio broadcast news market.

Among the notables: 19 Action News' Dawn Kendrick will be heading to WKYC, and Ed Gallek will be heading to Fox 8. Peggy Gallek (formerly Peggy Sinkovich), of course, works at Fox 8 and recently married Ed. 

OMW also hints at upcoming rebranding efforts over at 19 Action News — doing away with what audiences have seen as the more sensational elements of its crime reporting, among other visible traits, reportedly:
Our inbox has been peppered with reports that after running it through focus groups, Raycom will move away from the “19 Action News” branding.

No, we don’t know when the change will happen. (And unless we missed something, it has not officially been confirmed.)

As of this writing, the news operation at Reserve Square is very much still “19 Action News”.

We also don’t know what branding it will adopt. “CBS 19 News” anyone? That’s just a guess.

But as they do say on TV, stay tuned…