Downtown Superman Statue In the Works

Front page news this morning, gentle readers: Cleveland will, "at long last," be getting a statue commemorating Superman, the superhero created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster in Glenville.

The PD's Michael Sangiacomo reports that the sculpture will be incorporated into the pedestrian walkway boondoggle and is slated for erection near the Rock Hall. David Deming, a former CIA head, has been working on the statue for seven years in a Lakewood studio and expects that once the funding's more firmly in place, it'll take him an additional year for finishing touches.  

Good thing, too, because the guy above looks a lot more like Richard Kiel's Jaws than Superman. 

The statue will be 12 feet of burnished steel "from boot to outstretched hand" and will stand on a 30-35-foot pedestal. Smaller, roughly life-size statues of Siegel, Shuster and Joanne Siegel (upon whom Lois Lane was modeled) will be looking up at him.

The whole production's expected to cost about $1 million, financed through private donations to the nonprofit Superman Statue LLC, established by developer Richard Pace and Superman aficionados. (Pace is the guy developing nearly 30 acres of property down at the lakefront.)