It's Going to Be Really Freaking Cold in Cleveland this Weekend

Photo via Alyssa, Instagram

You may have already heard, but it's going to be really freaking cold this weekend in Cleveland. We're talking Polar Vortex temps.

The National Weather Services predicts we'll have a rather balmy Saturday morning with temperatures creeping up to 22 degrees, but you can expect those to fall to about 12 degrees by midday. Wind chills will take us down to -8, and snow is expected. If you're planning to participate in the Cupid Undie Run, we suggest you run really fast and straight to the bar afterwards.

But wait, there's more!

Sunday's high is 3 degrees, with wind chill values as low as -25. That's right, negative twenty-five degrees. You won't find us venturing anywhere near the front door on Sunday. 

Stay warm out there, folks.