Band of the Week: Jack Fords

Meet the Band: Brent Kirby (vocals, guitar), Bobby Latina (guitar, vocals), Ed Sotelo (bass), Jim Wall (drums)

Background: Brent Kirby and Bobby Latina have played together since 2005, when they would jam at the now-defunct Town Fryer. The band formed at about that time too, but it had a different line-up. "We went through a lot of different players," says Latina. Since 2010, however, the group has had the same line-up.

Not Just a Bar Band: At first, Latina says he was annoyed when people would call the roots rock group a "bar band." "It bothered me because it sounds like we're playing 'Mustang Sally,'" he says. "But if you think about it, the Faces were the greatest bar band in the world. We do play bars. That's our element. We have fun doing it at this point. We enjoy playing together and writing songs. I'm not against it now. I embrace it."

Four Years in the Making: Since the guys in the band all have plenty of other obligations, completing the new album There It Is wasn't easy. "I have kids and a full-time job," says Latina. "We're all busy. We play around town as much as we can. We would go in the studio when we could. It was like making [the Guns N' Roses album] Chinese Democracy." The band recorded with engineer Jon Guggenheim at his studio, C-Town Sound. "It was very relaxed," says Latina. "There were two sessions where we did all the basic tracks. That was back in 2012. Brent did vocals and we did guitar tracks. A year went by and we did another five songs. That was it."

Why You Should Hear Them: With its snarling vocals and restrained guitar riff, the title track to There It Is sounds like a cross between vintage Tom Petty and AC/DC, and "Getting Back" is a rowdy garage-rock tune with a good, greasy guitar riff. "'Take Some Time' is the most country song and it started as a soulful song," Latina explains. "For whatever reason, Brent started doing a country thing and it became a rockabilly song. Songs such as 'Getting Back' and 'New Cool' were ones we recorded on the first take. We were really striving to have some diversity on the album."

Where You Can Hear Them:

Where You Can See Them: Jack Fords perform with Ray Flanagan and the Authorities at 9 p.m. on Friday, March 6, at the Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern.