EDWINS Launches Cooking Classes for Budding Home Chefs

Since it opened a year and a half ago, EDWINS has been teaching individuals (ex-cons) to work in the kitchens and dining rooms of upscale restaurants like its own. Now, the non-profit institute will extend that training to home cooks.

Beginning Saturday March 14, EDWINS will begin a series of cooking classes geared to “curious, passionate and professional at-home chefs.” The class sizes will be small – less than 10 students per session – to guarantee that they are hands-on in the truest sense of the phrase.

Founder Brandon Chrostowski says that he has been inundated with requests for classes, and "there seems to be some mystery about the French cuisine that can be solved easily by a hands-on class."

Students can select individual classes or enroll in a mini-course of four or five. Classes are led by Chrostowski or chef Gerry Grim.

The Academic Set ($75 each or all four for $275) includes classes on knife skills, making and using soups and stocks, sautéing and braising techniques, and making sauces and vinaigrettes. All classes will be accompanied by light hors d’oeuvres and wine.

The second curriculum of classes – the Regional Set ($95 each or all four for $350) – kicks off with the Food of France then moves on to the Food of Spain, the Food of Italy, and finally French Creole Food. Each of these classes revolves around a particular style of food, and students will learn to prepare a three-course meal. Each class will be accompanied by wines or cocktails specific to the region.

The third curriculum of classes – the Gourmet Set ($75-85 each or all five for $320) – includes instruction on preparing five to six different hors d’oeuvres, crafting large- and small-batch cocktails, preparing an elegant four-course dinner for six, making the ultimate gourmet dessert, soufflé, and building the perfect cheese course.

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