Vegas-Style Pool Added to Flats-Based Club FWD

Owners of the seasonal, open-air nightclub FWD, which is expected to open this July in the Flats East Bank, have added a Vegas-style amenity that is sure to attract the hot and steamy set. A 4,000-square-foot pool and deck area – complete with full bar, elevated decking, and custom day beds – is now part of the plans.

“We’ve added to the front of the venue a pool that operates as an amenity to the apartments on a daily basis, and then on a members-only basis on weekends,” explains Bobby Rutter, who along with Michael Schwartz is behind this unique seasonal venue.

The “club within a club” will be open on weekend days, offering a club-like environment that goes hand-in-hand with the evening events taking place next door at FWD. Those events are built around nationally touring DJs, who will perform Thursday through Sunday nights. Occasionally, the entire venue will operate as one large party that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests.

“Our day parties are going to be pretty energetic and fun,” adds Rutter.

Cabanas, showers and changing areas also are part of the plan.

On the calendar so far are DJ Spider out of LA, DJ Dante from Chicago, Solidisco from Brooklyn, and DJ Scene out of Jersey.

FWD is mainly an open-air venue, though there is roughly 2,000 square feet under cover for protection from the weather when needed.

“If it rains, people can take cover and wait it out – unless it’s really bad,” Rutter says.

FWD serves no food, but guests are free to order in food from any of the surrounding restaurants.

Plans call for a late July opening.