Tamir Rice's Father, Leonard Warner, Gives First Interview

Leonard Warner, the father of Tamir Rice, granted his first interview to WKYC this week, saying that he remains in disbelief over the circumstances that led to the boy's death. Warner's mother joined him on-camera.

"I can't see him grow up to be a man," Warner said, working quietly and slowly through his words.

Warner has not made public appearances, nor has he been noted in much of the press coverage of protests since Nov. 22, 2014. Notably, the Northeast Ohio Media Group published an article titled: "Tamir Rice's father has history of domestic violence." The piece basically ran through a number of court docket items, offering little in the way of context amid the unfolding investigation into the 12-year-old boy's death. 

No timeframe is in place for the conclusion of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office's investigation into the shooting.