Cleveland Pride to Be Rescheduled, Date Still Unknown

Cleveland Pride to Be Rescheduled, Date Still Unknown
Emanuel Wallace
Just a day after the historic SCOTUS ruling gave the LGBT community plenty to be proud of, it quite literally rained on their parade.

Cleveland Pride has been a rain-or-shine festival in the past, but the predicted heavy rain and gale-force winds on the planned date of Saturday, June 27, were considered too much of a risk. The festival was canceled, but the group is now "determining the viability of holding a replacement or alternative event Pride event to celebrate our annual accomplishments and marriage equality," according to Cleveland Pride Board President and CEO Todd Saporito.

The one-day event attracts about 30,000 people annually, so leaders have to work together with state and local government to organize it. With that kind of attendance, which is more than even the Quicken Loans Arena can handle, an indoor celebration would be impossible.

"We're hopeful that we can find a way to do something," Saporito tells Scene. "We're just not sure what that will look like."

The reschedule also means that the United Church of Christ will no longer have its synod during the festival. UCC sponsors Cleveland Pride, and up to 2,000 members were expected to join the parade.

The 27th Annual Pride Festival was originally planned to take place at Voinovich Park, and the parade would travel down Lakeside Avenue toward East Ninth Street. The festival would also feature live entertainment, keynote speakers, food vendors, and a lakefront beer garden.

Keep an eye on Cleveland Pride's website for upcoming announcements.