Could the Next Major Social Networking App Be Born Right Here in Cleveland?

Reach big

America’s next big social networking application might not come from San Francisco or New York City. Rather, it might be made right here in Cleveland by a team of local IOS developers and marketing experts who believe they’ve created the ultimate tool to connect and reward social media users and local businesses alike.

The concept behind Reach Social App is simple: Incentivize users to promote businesses by giving them rewards in real time. In turn, users are more likely to share their experiences with their friends and family members online and become repeat customers.

“We haven’t even launched yet and we already have more than 30 local businesses who’ve signed up to be premium members,” Founder Steven Macecevic said. When the app hits the ground next month, users will be able to walk into any number of local business – such as Southside, Press Wine Bar, and the Velvet Dog, to name a few – and receive an exclusive offer just for interacting with the establishment through Reach.

“Millions of people daily are sharing their experiences at their favorite restaurants and bars,” Macecevic said. “They are tagging a location, promoting a business, and sharing photos. Why shouldn’t they be rewarded?” He raises a valid point: An establishment benefits extensively from a customer’s social post, but what does the customer get in return besides a few gratifying “likes?”

How about a free appetizer, for starters? Or free bottle service? How does a discounted tab sound? These are just some of the offers users will receive in real time by interacting through Reach.

The businesses, too, rake in benefits as potential customers are more likely to become actual customers if a friend or family member has visited and shared their experiences. “[A social post] is more powerful than listening to a radio ad or TV ad,” Macecevic said, because the trust factor is in play.

While restaurants and bars are the starting point, Macecevic said he’s also in talks with retail outlets, amusement parks, and stadiums throughout greater Cleveland and beyond. “This thing is going to go gangbusters,” he said. We’re already working with businesses in Columbus, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco, he said. Within 18 months Macecevic expects the app to be accessible across the U.S.

Like other major social networking players, Reach users will be able to create a personal profile, follow their friends, and interact with other users, as well as view all public photos and videos. Out-of-towners or folks unfamiliar with a particular establishment will have the ability to view other users’ experiences before frequenting a location themselves. Pair that kind of access with real-time rewards, and it’s not hard to see how this application could potentially reach a far larger demographic than Instagram or SnapChat.

While a definitive launch date has not yet been announced for Reach Social App, it can already be downloaded from the App Store. Businesses interested in getting involved can send inquiries directly to Macecevic at [email protected]

See how the app works right here.