The 'Loud in Cleveland' Podcast with ITEM

Loud in Cleveland celebrates a milestone today — 20 episodes. So, congrats to hosts Drew Maziasz and Michael Cornacchione. We've been thrilled to share their conversations over the past few months.

Enough celebration though. Let's get on to today's episode.

Today’s guests are Dylan and Jacob, two members of ITEM, a band that’s been garnering considerable notice over the course of this year. The quintet stirs together powerful blend of post-rock, pop, and progressive sounds into something that almost dares you to describe it. During their stay on the show, Dylan and Jacob mused over the idea and discussed the ways they, themselves, try to explain ITEM to different people. Drew and I picked their brains to try and find the source of what these guys pump out on stage and how they structure their writing process. We found a few answers to our to question and in the process learned a bit about what drives Dylan and Jacob, particularly the “slow, boring, sad music” that Dylan prefers. During their stay we also got the story behind the upcoming album that these five, incredibly talented guys are putting together with some assistance from the ever-present Jim Stewart, plus got some news on a possible release date. We even managed to pry an exclusive preview track out of them that you can hear right before our conversation kicks-off.

ITEM is playing this Saturday, August 22nd at Mahall’s 20 Lanes, 13200 Madison Ave in Lakewood, along with Gap Dream and Beach Stav as part of Mahall’s Summer Series concerts.

To hear more from ITEM, check out their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.