Deez Nuts Endorses John Kasich

Fresh off gaining the tentative yet important support of Sir Charles, John Kasich quietly picked up another key endorsement over the weekend: Deez Nuts.

Deez Nuts, of course, is the nation's favorite third-party write-in candidate and cause for giggles amongst the local TV talking head crowd. And in reality, Deez Nuts is a 15-year-old kid from Iowa named Brady Olson who got into the race (inspired by Limberbutt McCubbins, a Democratic feline from Kentucky) and registered with the FEC on July 26. 

Mr. Nuts, over the weekend, dropped his endorsement for John Kasich onto his Facebook page. So it's about all over now, folks.

(h/t to and Mr. Henry Gomez, chief political correspondent for all things Kasich and Nuts)