5 Reasons to Stay in Cleveland for the Summer


Give summers in Cleveland a chance; there’s plenty of stuff to do. Here are some key reasons to stick around.

Summer Opportunities – Wait tables on East 4, bartend on West 6, work ball games at Progressive Field, or usher concerts at the House of Blues for extra cash this summer. Want to get a leg up in your field? There are loads of internships to gain some career experience. Aspiring healthcare professionals check out student opportunities with the Cleveland Clinic. Artsy majors consider openings at the CMA, local galleries, or the Music Settlement. Need some professional advice? Check out Networking Meet Ups, where local professionals in different industries get together frequently. Possibilities are endless here.

Activities and Attractions – With some free time away from the books, there is no better season than summer to discover the city. The Rock Hall, Zoo, and neighborhoods like Tremont and Cleveland Heights are a few places worth visiting. By taking a bike ride near the pier, hiking in the Cleveland Metroparks, catching rays on Lake Erie beaches, or attending carnivals and countless entertainment and dining festivals, you’ll be happy you stayed.

Affordability – Grabbing a meal on a few bucks is almost too easy here; so is renting an apartment for $500, or getting around town for no cost on the trolley. Not to mention gas and parking are insanely lower here compared to other cities. Needless to announce: Cleveland is inexpensive, especially on that college budget.

Drinks and Dining – With being cooped up at the library, an opportunity to taste the craft beer hub and tasty eats of Cleveland probably hasn’t happened yet; we suggest getting on it. There are many breweries downtown, or on the west side. Nearby, hit the mass of local restaurants that make Cleveland one of the best places to dine. Some of our beloveds include: Westside Market, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Swenson’s, Asiatown. Honestly, the list is too long.

Sports – Cleveland loves its sports, especially in the summer. Whether it’s a final Cavs game, the Indians vs. Tigers, or a Browns pre-season game, the streets are lined with die-hard fans drinking, chanting, and hoping for the win. The energy screams hometown pride and is something to experience. If nostalgia is your thing, head to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Akron. More about getting in on the action? Grab friends and head to local courts in the city’s several recreation centers.