'Ohio Man' Bites Ears, Hops Fences and Drops His Pants

'Ohio Man' Bites Ears, Hops Fences and Drops His Pants
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This summer
, we continued chronicling Ohio Man's reign, the Buckeye State's very own superhero. Kind of. We rounded up headline-making, head-cocking Ohioans to showcase the area's quirkiest law-breakers.

This month, Ohio Man and Woman are at it again, collecting bed pans and jumping fences. They may not be our most law-abiding citizens but they certainly make the most headlines. 

Ohio Man Flashes Women, Then Sues

This past July, Ohio man Logan Wagner was feeling frisky. The four-time flasher from Barberton exposed himself to his neighbors, two women and one minor as an argument between parties escalated. To document the exhibitionist's newest debut, the women filmed his show and turned it over to police once he'd managed to pull his pants up. Now charged with a felony for exposing himself to a minor, Wagner is suing the women for invading his privacy and exposing him to the world. We guess Wagner's spent too much time neglecting his belts to read up on the definition of "irony."

Ohio Man Jumps Fence at Zoo to Pet Cougars

Ohio man Joshua Newell decided trespassing laws were just guidelines this summer at the Columbus Zoo when he hopped a fence to get a V.I.P. look at some big cats. To Newell, the zoo's cougars looked cuddly enough to pet, so that's exactly what he did. He would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for his own egotism. Newell filmed himself jumping a fence that separated the cougar exhibit from the walkway and cozying up with the over-sized kittens. The Columbus Zoo is now looking to prosecute Newell for trespassing.

Ohio Woman Won't Mention No Names

We found out this July that Ohio Woman is no snitch. When her home in Leavittsburg caught fire, Heather Tenney opened up to a local reporter about the incident. She accused her cousin of being an arsonist but stated she won't say "no names." She further explained, "He is mad because he wants to get with me, but I'm married to my husband."

Ohio Man Embarks on Motorized Scooter Chase

Ohio man Graham L. Ley has places to be. The Elyria native was caught using his motor scooter on roadways mid-summer, keying cars and was asked to pull over by local police. Instead of abiding, Ley floored his scooter and began a high-octane, low-speed chase with authorities, veering across four lanes of traffic and casually evading cops. The cat and mouse game ended when Elyria police cut Ley off in a parking lot and Ohio Man was stopped in his scooting tracks.

Ohio Man has World's Largest Bed Pan Collection

Ohio man Eric Eakin has some interesting hobbies, one being collecting bed pans. The Bay Village resident has collected around 250 bed pans, garnering attention from Ripley's Believe It or Not, which named Eakin's collection the world's largest. On his basement filled with antique toilets, Eakin says he "has no idea how it happened." In an interview with NewsNet5, he said of his collection, "It found me."

Ohio Man Sentenced for Biting Off Wife's Lover's Ear

Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear for art. Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield's for the win. Ohio man Virgil Bates III did it for love. The Toledo resident found his wife cheating on him late August and went into a panic. Once Bates had the other man in a headlock, he went in for a snack, cleanly gnawing off his wife's lover's ear. Though Bates now faces aggravated assault charges, this Ohio Man story has a happy ending as Bates and his wife reconciled shortly after the attack.

Ohio Man Drops Pants and Watches Woman Sleep

This unknown pants-less bandit isn't the only Ohio Man to drop trou. However, this one may be the creepiest. An Ohio City woman woke up in the middle of the night early August to find a man at the edge of her bed with his genitals in hand. Before she forced him from her home, he told her, "This is what I do." Once police arrived, they found the man's key ring, adorned with not only the woman's house keys but the house keys of several other homes, making many believe he's done this before and plans to continue. Police also found the man had poured orange soda onto the woman's coffee table, left cigarettes burning in the bathroom and had left his dirty socks behind. Later that morning, another Cleveland woman reported a man had broken into her home, made a cup of coffee and left his shoes.