Eastside Shooting Marks 100th Homicide in Cleveland in 2015 So Far

With one person shot dead at the Woodland Homes Apartments near East 79th Street this morning, Cleveland has clocked 100 homicides thus far in 2015.

For comparison, 2014 saw 102 homicides; in 2013, 88; in 2012, 99; in 2011, 75; in 2010, 72.

No details have been released yet about this morning's murder. But increasingly, Cleveland's homicide rate is seeing sharp upticks this year via gang violence on the eastside and alarming instances of "collateral damage" wherein innocent children are shot and killed. 

The ballooning murder count has picked up increasing media converge as the year waxes onward, though City Hall remains at odds with itself over how to address the current crisis. 

"This administration doesn't have a plan," Councilman Zack Reed said during last night's City Council meeting. Reed has been sounding the call to tap Cleveland's "rainy day" fund and funnel $1 million toward the hiring of more police officers. He's also been lugging around a map of the year-to-date murders in Cleveland, raising the visibility of this what has become a serious problem in many corners of the city.

Councilman Matt Zone later said that "some will pimp tragedy for their own political gain, because they know it gets them in the headlines." Zone chairs council's Safety Committee, which has not yet entertained a vote on Reed's proposal.

(Cheers to the NEOMG's Mark Naymik, by the way, who pointed out last week that Zone's Safety Committee meeting had but a single item on its agenda: the acceptance of a donation of three horses.)