Lorain County Pizzeria Takes Home Two Awards in Two Weeks

Two awards, two weeks and one great Italian eatery. Lorain County's Lorenzo's Pizzeria had landed not one, but two awards this month for its pizza and community commitment. 

First, Pulse Magazine dubbed the 33-year-old Oberlin staple as the best place to snag a slice of pizza in town. The mag featured Lorenzo's in its "Best of Lorain County" list, making note of the founder's passion to provide healthy options. For those whose only concern isn't about how much meat and cheese can be piled onto one large pizza, Lorenzo's offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The owner also says heck no to using bromated flour, which is a possible human carcinogen added into a lot of commercial baked goods.

Then, the Lorain County JVS Career-Technical school honored Lorenzo's with the "1st Place in the Workplace" award. Along with the good eats, owner Larry Cariglio has his commitment to Lorain's workforce to boot. Cariglio works with the JVS on his inventive ideas about new creations and passes down his craft by hiring and teaching students how to make wood-fire pizza. 

With all this said, we'll take one of everything on the menu, please.

Lorain County Pizzeria Takes Home Two Awards in Two Weeks
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