Mayfield Heights Woman Fights to Keep Her Piggy Pets

Whether it's a cat or a 75-pound micro pig, we all love our pets like children. And for one Mayfield Heights woman, loving does not mean letting go.

According to Fox 8, Crystal Rosa has owned micro pigs, also know as "teacup" pigs, for over five years, walking them on leashes in public and watching them sun in her front yard. Entirely unaware a city ordinance had defined pigs as livestock in the 1950s, Rosa was shocked to learn the city wanted to confiscate her pets. 

In defense, Rosa has now written up a petition which she intends to present, along with her mini oinkers, Monday at a Mayfield Heights city council meeting to encourage council members to revise the outdated code, Fox 8 says.

Teacup pigs, coming in and out of vogue since the 1980s, are relatively similar to dogs in everything from size to friendliness. Rosa said her pigs were just as easy to train as dogs and are cleaner. 

If after Monday night Rosa is still forced to give up her pets or leave town, she's already made her decision. She'll move out of the home her grandparents built and buy a new house in a town that accepts her and her hogs.