One-Legged Man Has Best Cleveland Halloween Costume We've Ever Seen

Every year, amputee and motivational speaker Josh Sundquist dreams up creative Halloween costume ideas that very few people could pull off. This year, he's going as an "IHOP" sign.  

But back in 2012, Josh donned his fishnets and went as the classic lamp from A Christmas Story, a suggestion he says came from his wife. We dig Josh's other ideas — the foosball guy is a revelation — but we're partial to the local flair. 

Last year, Scene suggested a series of Cleveland-centric costume ideas — Johnny Manziel, Super Pimp, the Chandelier — and we had a Christmas Story idea as well, dressing as Randy: 

"One of two versions apply here: Either grab an adult flannel onesie and be Christmas morning Randy, or get a snowsuit and wear enough undershirts that you can't move."

Josh wins.