Here's Ohio's New Tourism Logo

Months of "intense research" by the Ohio tourism bureau has led to this, the new logo, which by our estimation was created by a high school intern in MS Paint. It accompanies a new tourism slogan, "Ohio, find it here," which replaces the previous official slogan, "Ohio, so much to discover" and unofficial slogans like "Ohio, at least we're not Florida." 

Both the logo and the new wording will be rolled out in a $6 million campaign to lure travelers and visitors to the Buckeye state. We're not sure it takes that much money to remind people that LeBron plays basketball here and you should probably come see him, but whatever. It's a pretty universal assemblage of letters and things.

The TV remote? Ohio. Find it here.

The checkbook? Ohio. Find it here. 

Your car keys? Ohio. Find it here.

Your son's English book? Ohio. Find it here.

A willingness to revisit your early-20s exhibitionism? Ohio. Find it here.

Your sixth-tier dream of managing an Old Navy? Ohio. Find it here.

That conversation about what it really means to be a "foodie"? Ohio. Find it here.

Syrian refugees? Ohio. Find it... wait. Nevermind