Video: Fox 8 Catches Up With Kym Sellers and Her Battle With MS

It's been a long time since Kym Sellers hasn't not been on the radio, but it's the sad state of affairs now. Her contract wasn't renewed, and the beloved WZAK host is no longer gracing the radio waves with her voice. When people talk about the kinds of radio personalities that make you feel like they're talking just to you, when they talk about the personalities with the dulcet tones whose voices are just born to be broadcast, they're talking about Kym Sellers. There were very few in her league, and she's sorely missed. We were remiss in not talking about it at the time. Kym's the best.

If you listened to Sellers than you know she was forthcoming about her battle with MS. Fox 8 caught up with her in her latest round of physical therapy after treatments. We send our well wishes to Kym and express with all sincerity that we hope she's doing well.