Cuyahoga County's Interim HR Director Left the Position a Month Ago

Interim Cuyahoga County HR director Lisa Durkin had been on the job since previous HR director Elise Hara left the day after the election that ushered in Armond Budish into the executive chair a year or so ago. She'd also been with the county in some capacity for more than a decade. That's no more. Durkin departed more than three weeks ago (Nov. 2) to take a position leading HR at CMSD. (In addition to her day job, Durkin is also a fabulous romance author, by the way. Worth your time.)

Human resources in general is no easy job, let alone overseeing HR for Cuyahoga County, where the ills created by Jimmy Dimora and his band of steak-eating, free-wheeling, bribe-taking merry underlings lingered until Cuyahoga County was blessed with the era of Ed "What's a Driver's License?" FitzGerald.

The book on Budish's administration is yet to be written and, because no one covers the county despite what they might tell you (or maybe because they don't have time for it while they regurgitate years-old Dimora nuggets), one year into his tenure we still hear very little about the workings of his government. 


Who's been running the ship since Durkin left? Ed Morales, doubling up on duties with his regular gig as assistant law director.

Who's next?

That's a good question. Budish had previously said a couple of positions were the subject of a nationwide search — funded by the GCP, for what that's worth. Unfortunately, nothing has been announced yet, which isn't entirely a surprise — Durkin is still listed as HR director on the county website despite having been gone for about a month. The new Chief Talent Officer, which is what the position will be called going forward, hasn't been announced yet.

Messages left for a county spokesperson last Thursday and Friday haven't been returned.

Durkin didn't respond to a message for comment.