Drew Carey on the Browns: "You Don't Have to Buy Shitty Sandwiches Just Because They're From Cleveland"

click to enlarge Drew Carey on the Browns: "You Don't Have to Buy Shitty Sandwiches Just Because They're From Cleveland"
Drew Carey talked with fellow Cleveland ex-pat Joe Posnanski while they were both out in Las Vegas. They talked about the Browns, as Clevelanders are wont to do. And like fellow famous Clevelander Michael Symon, who has let his disbelief at the state of the Browns been known in the past, the Price is Right host is just as mad as we are. He's also a little further down the path of apathy and anger than Symon. (Because it's an NBC article, there are "bleeps" where the word "shitty" should be, we imagine.)

“You don’t have to support them,” Carey said. “You don’t have to do it. … If somebody owned a sandwich shop in Cleveland, and they were selling (bleepy) sandwiches, you don’t have to buy the (bleepy) sandwiches just because they’re from Cleveland. You could buy sandwiches from anywhere. You could buy them from a chain.

“It’s stupid. You’re doing the same thing with the Browns.That’s a business, and they’re there to take your money and make a profit. … Quit buying it. I’ll buy the Browns when they’re worth buying it. That’s all there is to it. I’m sorry about it. I hope I’m not hurting anybody’s feelings. But I’m not a masochist. I’m not buying a bad product just because it’s from Cleveland.”


“Listen, you don’t want those Browns to be part of your mental state,” Carey says. “You know, the whole ‘Cleveland is bad, the Browns are bad, Cleveland bad, I’m bad because I’m from Cleveland,’ dance. You don’t want that thing to be part of your brain. There are so many good things in Cleveland. Concentrate on the Museum (of Art) — it’s one of the best in the world. Concentrate on the Cleveland Clinic and all the great things they’re doing.

“Go to the orchestra. It’s the best orchestra in the whole wide world, arguably, and it’s right in our city. Take the money you were going to spend on the Browns, take your kids, and go to the (bleeping) orchestra. Then you can have pride in your city. That’s the thing to be proud of. Don’t wear your (bleeping) Browns shirt like an idiot.”

Carey goes a little off the rails there at the end — Clevelanders do have pride in all those glorious things he cited — but it's a nice reminder to maybe go do one of the items on the list on Sundays instead of watching the Browns the next four weeks.