Third Man Records' Audio Social Dissent Tour Headed to Now That's Class (Updated)

Third Man Records, the hip indie record label run by singer-guitarist Jack White (White Stripes, Raconteurs), ended 2015 by issuing three records of "articulate American punk, rock and noise": Wolf Eyes' I Am a Problem: Mind In Pieces; Timmy's Organism's Heartless Heathen; and VIDEO's New Immortals.

Now, the label has just announced a tour featuring all three bands. Dubbed the Audio Social Dissent 2016 Package Tour, it’s slated to hit 27 American cities.

"I don’t go to a lot of festivals, even though there’s great programming,” says Third Man Records co-founder (and former Soledad Brothers member) Ben Swank via phone from Nashville, where Third Man Records is based. “I do notice that because of the popularity of festival going, it seems like a real passivity accompanies going to shows. What’s popular now is comfortable-sounding music that molds you with this warm fuzzy embrace with no peaks or valleys. We want to present stuff that’s more reflective about what’s going on in America. There’s anger and frustration. We want to work with music that’s more representative of what we see in the world.”

He says the live concert experience should have that kind of spontaneity to it.

“Who knows, you might get a boot in the face,” he says. “Let’s bring back that element of danger. These bands do that. I wanted to do a small club tour with three really loud bands. I want to drive the point home."

Fans will be able to score some cool merch too as the tour will feature a limited edition, silkscreened commemorative tour poster and T-shirts in two colors. You'll also be able to purchase a limited edition 12-inch three-way split live record featuring the ASD bands.

“We had all three bands play here on Halloween and recorded those shows for the 12-inch,” he says. “It’s a tour only release. There’s a reason to get off your chair and go somewhere and see something you can’t normally see and buy something you can’t normally buy.”


The tour starts on February 10 in Columbus. It comes to Cleveland on Feb. 23 when it stops at Now That’s Class.