Video: 'Star Wars: Cleveland Awakens' (a.k.a Star Wars in Cleveland)

A teaser for the Cleveland and Star Wars mashup was released back in December, and now the full video has arrived. What is it? Basically a two-minute version of The Force Awakens set in Cleveland (over the lake, over the city, dodging in the skyline).

Star Wars: Cleveland Awakens was released via YouTube today. It's creators bdVFX said this about the project:

I guess to put it simply, we're messing around with some Star Wars vfx. The basic plot is a Kylo Ren-esque figure is invading Cleveland while a Jedi is trying to stop him. There's plenty of shots flying through the city, on location fight scenes and just the Star War universe in Cleveland!

Just like any respectable video about Cleveland, they've even included a bit of Lake Effect snow falling.

Check it out: