Jackson To Give State of the City Address Thursday, City Mum on Format

click to enlarge Jackson To Give State of the City Address Thursday, City Mum on Format
The City Club
Mayor Frank Jackson will give his 11th annual State of the City address Thursday at noon at the Cleveland Public Auditorium in an event co-sponsored by the City Club of Cleveland.

When Scene inquired whether Jackson would be giving a traditional address or delivering his remarks in the form of a Q&A, city spokesman Dan Williams advised that we’d have to show up to find out.

That’s par for the course. Last year, Scene and others raised their eyebrows when Jackson’s “address” turned out to be a conversation with KeyCorp. President and CEO Beth Mooney. Mooney wasn’t announced as Jackson’s interviewer until moments before they arrived on stage. 

Jackson told members of the media last year that this year he might select a journalist to interview him or he might not. But our reservations about the format itself — it robs the Mayor of his one chance to articulate his own agenda and priorities; it’s redundant, given the “traditional City Club Q&A” in which audience members ask questions — stand.

City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop said that in the organization's effort to cultivate free speech, he invites all speakers and panelists "to work in the format that best helps them deliver their message and connect with the community."

This is the second consecutive State of the City to be held at the Cleveland Public Auditorium, and though online registration is now closed, you are encouraged to make a last-ditch effort to attend by calling the City Club at (216) 621-0082.