RTA to Ramp Up Bus and Rail Service for St. Patrick's Day

click to enlarge RTA to Ramp Up Bus and Rail Service for St. Patrick's Day
Photo by Emanuel Wallace
Downtown will be jam-packed with questionable characters and moderately sober people wearing green on Thursday, so RTA rolled out a special plan for extra rail service.

The St. Patrick's Day Parade begins at 1 p.m., however detours and barricades will be put up well before then. Riders will still have access to the Tower City Rapid Station even though stores plan to close around 2 p.m.

While RTA has not given specific departure times for buses and rails in the downtown area for St. Patrick's Day, frequency will be adjusted during especially busy times.

So, pretty much all morning and afternoon.

You can expect rails to stop at the Tower City Rapid Station at least every 10-15 minutes.

Here the full list of tips from RTA to help make your commute quicker and easier:

  • Plan ahead. If you have questions, call 216-621-9500. Automated service is available 24/7.
  • Leave early. Expect large crowds. Allow plenty of time to get downtown.
  • Ride the Rapid. Trains will leave frequently throughout the heavy demand periods. Free parking is available at many Rapid Stations. Obey all signs — cars parked illegally may be ticketed and towed.
  • Ride the HealthLine. The service operates 24/7, from East Cleveland to Public Square.
  • Bring exact change. RTA employees will sell All-Day Passes for $5 at many rail stations. Have a $5 bill ready to make your purchase. Keep the card in a flat, secure place — you will have to show it on your trip home.
  • Follow directions. RTA staff will work to provide you with a safe, enjoyable trip.
  • Looking for parking? RTA will update traffic reporters on the status of Rapid Station parking lots. Follow RTA on Twitter (link is external), Facebook (link is external) and through Commuter Alerts (link is external).
  • For safety, travel in pairs. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Pack lightly — buses and trains will be crowded. Whatever you carry must be held in your lap.
  • Cleveland Police ask that you not bring backpacks, so if possible, leave yours at home.
  • Protect your mobile devices. Leave your laptops and iPads at home. Keep your cell phone secure.
  • Bicyclists be aware — when trains are crowded, you will not be allowed to board.
  • Trolley service is free. Look for green vehicles and the unique signs at bus stops. Tell the operator your destination. Trolleys will be routed around the parade, and may be slower because of the crowds. If your celebration continues after the parade, trolleys can help you get around downtown.
  • Public Square is under construction. It is off-limits to pedestrians. Please obey all signs and traffic signals.
Here is RTA's full scheduling list.