Moxie Unveils New Menu with Significant Changes in Format

"I think it's change or die," Jonathan Bennett, chef-partner at Moxie in Beachwood, told me.

And, true to his word, the chef just unveiled the 18-year-old East Side restaurant’s first major menu overhaul in years. Starting now, diners at Moxie will notice a considerable transformation that has taken place on the pages of the menu.

Gone is the small-, medium- and large-plate format that "confused diners" and attempted to coerce them into eating more than they wanted, Bennett explained. It has been replaced by a more straightforward roster loaded with salads, sandwiches and entrees built around smaller portions of protein that allow the restaurant to reduce prices. Diners will also see that some of the popular entrees can be ordered in half portions.

"The thought process behind it is that five to 10 years ago we ate out maybe two or three times a week as a general population," Bennett says. "Today, we eat out six, seven or eight times a week, but our budget for eating out has not doubled or tripled along with it. You have to accept that you just can't have the menu price point that we used to have and expect to do 200 covers on a Wednesday night."

Take a look.