Man Finds Years-Old "Best By" Dates on Meat at Eastlake Walmart

[image-1]The Super Walmart on Vine Street in Eastlake is issuing refunds to everyone who bought what really did appear to be "mystery meat."

A shopper discovered about 20 packages of Sugardale goose liver had "best buy" dates for 06/03/2013 printed on them. Most baffling was that no one else seemed to have noticed the packs before he did. But perhaps when you wonder how many people are buying goose liver from Walmart, you might not be so baffled any longer.

The store says it's likely that the dates are misprints and the meat was fine, but the offending packages were tossed anyway.

If you bought a package of the meat, you can call the store at (440) 269-8827 to see about getting a refund or exchange.

(Hat Tip NewsNet 5)