Ohio Auditor Dave Yost is Playing a Concert During the RNC and Wants Some Help Naming His New Band

[image-1]Ohio Auditor Dave Yost is many things: vocal, anti-Trump, kinda funny, Republican, and, wouldn't ya know it, a musician. You would have known that last bit, of course, if you caught his campaign ad back in 2014 that could have doubled as a PR pitch to the local corner bar to have Yost play a Saturday night slot.

Anyway, fast forward to 2016 and Yost, who's disavowed Trump, is coming to the RNC in Cleveland despite his disdain for the GOP's nominee. During that time he'll probably be hitting parties and doing politician things but he'll also be playing a show at Grays Armory with his new band. It's not going to make you forget about Prophets of Rage's show or Kid Rock's down-home GOP hoedown, but it's something. That new band, however, does not yet have a name and Yost is looking for some help. Here's his Facebook post from yesterday, complete with dad jokes:

So a farmer, a CEO, a scientist, a master carpenter and a politician walk into a bar...

Nope, it's not a joke. It's actually the musicians in my new band, who will play Gray Armory in Cleveland during the GOP convention next month. The problem is, we don't have a name — and that's where you come in.
There's a list of names below (some facetious). Weigh in on one or more — like, hate, laugh, gotta do this one. Or offer up your own name. And share this item on your FB page and other social media. The input will help us decide.
The playlist next month includes an original song, too. Rock on!

Audessy (As in “auditor” — awful pun)
Scalia's Grumble
Smashing Trumpkins
Encrypted Transparency
The Common Man Band
Wheels of Justice
The Conventional Wisdom (Get it? the RNC convention….)
Double Tap
The Lincoln Blues Band
The Pursuit* (as in “… the pursuit of happiness")
Founders Band
Grand Old Band (GOB)
Elephant's Castle

Smashing Trumpkins is the clear leader in the clubhouse, right?